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History of Hotel Korcula De La Ville

Hotel Korcula through its history:


Hotel Korcula in 1873 – this is one of the oldest images of this Hotel available


Hotel Korcula in 1900 – at this time Hotel Korcula was still just single-story building


Hotel Korcula in 1912this is a postcard of Hotel De La Ville (aka Hotel Korcula) made for its opening in 1912 – click to enlarge


Hotel Korcula at very busy times 🙂 – we are not sure what was the occasion of such a busy day – click to enlarge

Above are just a few photos from the history of this hotel – to see more images from the old times of Hotel Korcula (here) and the Town itself visit Korculainfo gallery pages (don’t miss this photo of Jacqueline Kennedy visiting Korcula, as well as photos of Hotel during the wars herehere and here)

About the history of the hotel:

  • when was built: The building was built in the 18th century and was used as a restaurant/cafe. Later in 1912, the building becomes Hotel De La Ville aka nowadays Hotel Korcula, and again in 2015 Hotel Korcula de la Ville. Currently, it is called Amines Korcula Heritage Hotel.
  • various use of the hotel: like Pomgrad builders in 1980’s
  • directors and staff of Hotel: Ivo Tedeski, Teta Mara, Dundo Toma, etc…