Hotel Korcula

Hotel Korcula nwadays is a website dedicated to the famous Hotel Korcula - the icon of Korculan and Croatian tourism. Hotel Korcula is the first hotel ever built in Korcula. It dates back from 1912 when tourism and travel was privilege of wealthy European middleclases. It is the oldest and most atmospheric accommodations in the town.

The construction of this 22-room hotel in 1906 gave Korcula a new vocation - tourism, that soon became the island's mainstay. Tucked between the medieval town's massive walls and a stunning azure bay, the Hotel Korcula has a grand facade and vine-covered terrace dressed with white wicker and linen table cloths. The lavender haze of dusk, live musicians and waitresses in starched aprons create a romantic evening settings.

Hotel Korcula in the old times

Hotel Korcula has interesting and dramatic history that she shared with our town and island: from times of first and second world war, via swinging sixties, happy seventies, well established eighties, dark and difficult nineties, until nowadays, when Korcula is as interesting as ever...

Hotel Korcula, Obala dr. Franje Tudmana 5, 20260 Korcula, Croatia

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